First Merchants Capital Partners Inc.

First Merchants Capital Partners Inc. is a vertically integrated Canadian Corporate Finance & Business Development company.
We offer leading business development services across a wide range of markets.

Corporate Finance & Tax Structures

FMCP is connected to industry leaders with an extremely high ratio of closed deals.

The scope of our corporate finance transactions range from software development, construction, drilling funds, pipeline and facility construction, sale of oil and gas and mining assets, joint ventures and project financing.

We also work with Canada’s leading tax lawyers, tax specialists, and accounting firms to provide our clients with the most effective tax strategies in Canada, including a unique offering to allow your company to withdraw up to $800,000 tax free.

Business Development

We deal directly with C-Suite executives in the implementation of business development services and new product offerings.

Considered by many to be the Special Forces of Business Development, our range of  offerings include:

  • Targeted Lead Generation & Market Capitalization Increase
  • Sales pipeline optimization
  • Sales development & training
  • Corporate Wellness training and services
  • Technology commercialization, &
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

All of our business development services are offered in an integrated manner, and are designed to get you measurable, meaningful results, fast.

Intellectual Capital Development

Via our First Merchant Institute, we facilitate the development and growth of your organization’s intellectual capital.

Utilizing a variety of training methods, we hold the keys to achieving a average 9x increase in your company’s growth.

Our institute training takes the form of online classes, seminars, private group training, masterminds, and customized offerings to best suit your organization’s goals.


Our key offerings to help you finance your next project, expansion, or acquisition & to help you save on your corporate taxes.

First Merchants Capital Inc. was founded by Dale E. Leicht.  First Merchants Capital Partners Inc. was subsequently formed to integrate the additional partners to the firm.



With the continued growth of the oil and gas centres and the sister-city relationship between Calgary and Dallas, FMCP established an office in Dallas to facilitate deal flow of debt, equity and merger and acquisition activity across the border.



The Capital Access Program was formally launched to the public.  The program facilitates the ability to withdraw up to $800,000 from their qualifying small business tax free, without selling their business.


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