We deal directly with C-Suite executives in the implementation of business development services and new product offerings.

Whether you’re looking to acquire new business, streamline your sales process, help with technology commercialization, or to increase your corporate wellness – out team of experts can get you there.


Our key offerings to help you finance your next project, expansion, or acquisition & to help you save on your corporate taxes.

Target Lead Generation & Market Capitalization Increase

FMCP’s media division employs industry leading customer acquisition systems to ensure qualified inbound leads and inquiries for your products ad services.

Additionally, our systems are also designed to increase your organization’s market capitalization.

We are able to accurately and automatically target, segment, and follow-up with your prospects or prospective shareholders, with up to 430 targeting options including but not limited to geography, industry type, company name, company size, seniority, industry affiliations, purchasing intent, investment styles, & industry leanings – just to name a few. Additionally we have the ability to directly reach up to 500,000 media outlets.

This means no guesswork or wasted advertising spend. Just pre-qualified, vetted prospects who are primed and ready to make a purchasing decision.

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Sales Pipeline Optimization

All business growth comes down to one word – Sales. Having a refined sales process in place means having the ability to control and dictate the pace of your organization’s growth.

Through our connectivity with and ability to reach more than 300 CEOs in 10 key industries, we can kick start your product and service sales almost immediately – and that’s just the beginning.

Our team also has over 30 years of experience with increasing our clients’ sales volumes, and we’ve accomplished this over a wide variety of industries. We can put processes in place to ensure lasting and predictable sales growth for your organization.

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Bringing Your Products to Market

We specialize in the direct and rapid implementation of new technologies into the marketplace. Do you have a new technology or product that needs financing, exposure, or both? We can help.

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Turning Health into Positive Returns

Every dollar spent on Corporate Wellness has been shown to return $3.27. Conversely obese employees cost an average of $4,000 more per year than healthy ones!

The numbers are clear, healthy employees are more productive and contribute significant returns to your bottom line. This is besides the reduction in stress, and increase in morale that being healthy brings to your entire organization.

Our corporate wellness programs offer revolutionary 30 day weight loss programs, nutritional education, supplements, and even company wide in person fitness and weight loss training.

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