Measurably Increasing Lead Volume and Market Capitalization

Lead / Sales Increase

FMCP’s media division employs industry leading customer acquisition systems to ensure qualified inbound leads and inquiries for your products ad services.

These systems, collectively referred to as A.C.E.S. (Audience Creation & Engagement Systems) accurately and automatically target, segment, and follow-up with your perfect customer(s), with up to 430 targeting options including but not limited to geography, industry type, company name, company size, seniority, industry affiliations, & purchasing intent – just to name a few.

This means no guesswork or wasted advertising spend. Just pre-qualified, vetted leads who are primed and ready to make a purchasing decision.

THE A.C.E.S. Process

The A.C.E.S. process custom designed and implemented according to your specific goals. While the technical details behind the system can be complex, it all breaks down into four steps:

  1. Target:  First we precisely target only specific customer avatars within the geographic and demographic constraints set by you. Our targeting allows us to segment your messages based on your precise market fit, with the ability to narrow down your market by age, gender, location, job titles, seniority, company size, purchase intent, interests, psychological profiles, and psychographic information – to name just a few.Each prospect segment gets their own custom intake path that speaks to their needs exclusively, and in terms that appeal to them.
  2. Inform: Then, using targeted content amplification, we position your organization as THE leading experts in your field, via valuable content that is precisely targeted towards each of your lead segments. The content is based on educating your market segments about your advantage in way that speaks to their individual needs, in a language that appeals to their demographic.By starting with offering valuable and actionable education first, we build rapport and trust, all while invisibly capturing the data of those that interact the most, and most often, with your content. Only the most engaged prospects are then sent to the next step.
  3. Engage:Next we capture all qualifying prospects and create automated follow-ups that keep them engaged with your brand, moving them further down path towards becoming a  qualified lead.Just like in the real world, all your follow-ups are geared towards each prospect’s demographic and psychographic profile, as well as their level of engagement with your service.The follow-ups themselves are in the form of re-targeted ads, or in the form of outbound emails  and calls – depending on where in the customer engagement cycle the prospect is and how much information they have given us.
  4. Activate:Finally we turn your now qualified & engaged leads into appointments or sales, and deploy further engagement sequences to convert non action takers into sales as well.

One key factor to note is that no matter where in the process a prospect drops out, we  implement follow-up systems to bring them back to where they left off via automated re-branding and re-marketing initiatives. This way we maximize your conversion and retention rates, while increasing your return on ad spend.

Our goal with this entire system is to ensure that your prospects have the best possible interaction with your brand, while ensuring that you have the highest possible rates of acquisition & retention.

Market Capitalization Increase

The ACES process is also applied to increasing your company’s market capitalization. Using our targeting capabilities combined with our Media / PR reach (over 500,000 media outlets) – we aim to democratize your shareholder base and introduce your story to a market that has already indicated their interest in your sector.